PE-Al-PE Pipe for Cold Water (Overlapped Welding) Multilayer Pipe


Product Detail

Informazioni basilari

  • Materiale composto: tubo in plastica di alluminio

  • Material:PE-Al-PE

  • Installation and Connection:Clamping Type Installation

  • Technology of Plastic Composite Pipe:Internal and External Coating

  • Tubo di base in tubo di plastica composito: tubo in acciaio saldato

  • Materiali di rivestimento interni in tubo di plastica composito: tubo in acciaio con rivestimento in resina epossidica

  • Plastic Composite Pipe Coating Form:Inner and Outside Coating

  • Plastic Composite Pipe Model:GS-—X-SP-T-EP

  • Steel Skeleton PE Pipe Use:Municipal

  • Aluminium Plastic Compound Pipe Use:Water Distribution Pipe in Building

  • Modello in tubo di acciaio plastificato: GS-â € "X-SP-T-EP

  • Tubo in materiale plastico composito di alluminio: tubo composito in alluminio in polietilene reticolato

  • Trademark:SUNPLAST or OEM

  • Pacchetto di trasporto: 200m / bobina, 100m / bobina, 50m / bobina

  • Specification:1216mm-2632mm

  • Origine: Cina

  • Codice HS: 391739

Descrizione del prodotto

PE-AL-PE pipe is a PE pipe with an aluminum layer sandwiched between an inner and outer layer of PE,We can produce both overlap-welded and butt-wedled pe-al-pe pipe,products confirms to DIN EN ISO 21003-2 Certified Max working temperature up to 65oC,working pressure 10bars.

1) Specification: Φ 16 - 32
2) Non-toxic, anti-corrosive
3) Light weight, strong mechanical properties and thermal-resistant ability
4) Low fragile humidity and long using life
5) Resistenza a bassa fluidità all'interno del tubo, il ridimensionamento può raramente verificarsi
6) The fluids cannot be contaminated. Effective diameters are big
7) Oxygen is 100% isolated and infiltration is thoroughly prevented. In case they are used as shielding materials for telecommunication circuit, magnetic interference can be prevented
8) Anti-static, and suitable for gas and fuel transportation
9) Can be bended or straightened without restriction


Conduttività termica: 0,45 W / m. K
Espansività termica: 2,5 X 10-5 m / m. K
Bend Radius:  ≥ 5D (D: Tube Diameter)
Intervallo di temperature di funzionamento: -40 - + 95 ° C
Working Pressure:  ≤ 1.25Mpa
Condotte forzate radiali: 2400 - 3320N
Forza di scoppio: 5.5 - 8Mpa